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  • Get a free Dogwoof bag!

    Posted: Aug 30 2013

      Get yourself a free Dogwoof canvas bag when you buy any five Dogwoof films!     Why not explore the mind of a killer whale with our newest splash Blackfish; see a nation united in Ken Loach's critically acclaimed The Spirit of '45 or explore the world of America's war on drugs in Eugene Jarecki's heart-wrenching The House I Live In.   Take a flip through our full catalogue to choose your top five films and get your free Dogwoof canvas bag!     ::Please note this offer is only available to the UK & Ireland::
  • Village at the End of the World out now on DVD!

    Posted: Jul 11 2013

    Village at the End of the World is now available on DVD from all good retailers and the Dogwoof DVD shop. A big hit at cinemas earlier this year, this portait of the remote Greenlandic community comes from Brick Lane director Sarah Gavron and is beautifully photographed by Downton Abbey cinematographer David Katznelson What would you do if you were 16, lived in the most remote village in the world, and were the only teenager? What would you do if your biological father lived next door, yet never acknowledged your existence? Well, Lars is surprisingly upbeat about it. Welcome to the world of high-speed internet and door to door sewage collection, of polar bear hunts, and the summer dips in the melting ocean. Sarah Gavron spent a year in Greenland, and delivered this extraordinary documentary. Visit the films website to find out more about the film Order your DVD...
  • The Island President Takes Refuge

    Posted: Feb 13 2013

    Overthrown by a coup and now taking refuge in the Indian high commission in Male, it has been a tumultuous few years for the first democratically elected leader of the Maldives – The Island President, Mohamed Nasheed. Tweeting today, Nasheed said "Mindful of my own security and stability in the Indian Ocean, I have taken refuge at the Indian high commission in Maldives." Jon Shenk’s The Island President profiles Nasheed’s coming to power as a president struggling to make the world wake up to the dangers threatening his nation - the literal survival of his country and everyone in it is his sole concern. Find out more about The Island President:  
  • New release - Better this World

    Posted: Apr 30 2012

     2 Friends. 8 Bombs, 1 FBI Informant. Better this World is now available to own on DVD, and to watch online via Dogwoof TV. Boyhood friends from Midland, Texas are arrested on terrorism charges at the 2008 Republican National Convention. Better This World follows the journey of David McKay (22) and Bradley Crowder (23) from political neophytes to accused domestic terrorists with a particular focus on the relationship they develop with a radical activist mentor in the six months leading up to the convention. A dramatic story of idealism, loyalty, crime and betrayal, BETTER THIS WORLD goes to the heart of the War on Terror and its impact on civil liberties and political dissent in post-9/11 America. Order from the Dogwoof DVD shop now - £9.99 Watch on Dogwoof TV - £2.99
  • New release - Bill Cunningham New York

    Posted: Apr 02 2012

     Dogwoof's most recent documentary film success, Bill Cunningham New York, comes to DVD today. Available exclusively from the Dogwoof shop this week, and in all good retailers from the 9th April, this is a must-see film for fashionistas and photography fans: The “Bill” in question is 80+ New York Times photographer Bill Cunningham. For decades, this Schwinn-riding cultural anthropologist has been obsessively and inventively chronicling fashion trends and high society charity soirées for the Times Style section in his columns “On the Street” and “Evening Hours.” Documenting uptown fixtures (Anna Wintour, Tom Wolfe, Brooke Astor, David Rockefeller—who all appear in the film out of their love for Bill), downtown eccentrics and everyone in between, Cunningham’s enormous body of work is more reliable than any catwalk as an expression of time, place and individual flair. In turn, Bill Cunningham New York is a delicate, funny and often poignant portrait of a...

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