Dogwoof Film Club


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As a Dogwoof Film Club member, you'll get our next four DVDs delivered to your door on the day of release, all at a reduced price of £7.50 (over 50% off their RRP of £15.99).

Film Club members receive:

- Day of release delivery on our next four DVD releases.
- DVDs at a discounted rate of just £7.50 (RRP £15.99).

Sign up today and get the following:

• My Rembrandt DVD (14 September, 2020)
• Max Richter's Sleep DVD (12 October, 2020)
• Hoop Dreams: 20th Anniversary Restoration Blu-ray* (2 November, 2020)
• Final title TBC (30 November, 2020)

*Blu-ray only

Read our Film Club terms and conditions here. Available in the UK and Ireland only.