Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet DVD
Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet DVD

Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet DVD

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Jason Becker should have been a household name. A guitar prodigy from a young age, Jason burst onto the scene with his band Cacophony, garnering notice from the major industry players. In 1991 Becker was hired as lead guitarist in David Lee Roth’s band, the most coveted guitar gig at the time, but Jason never made it on tour. Shortly after recording the album, he was diagnosed with ALS and given five years to live. Archival footage of Jason’s rise to almost-stardom is given the exposure it deserves with this inspiring rock doc. More than 20 years later, Jason is still living strong and making music by communicating with his eyes. A true testament to the strength and possibility of the human spirit. 

Extras Include:

* Trailer
* Extended Interviews with Joe Satriani, Marty Friedman, Richie Kotzen and Steve Vai
* Jason Becker Performance Archive
* Limericks with Jason and Gary Becker
* Vocal Eyes Explained
* What is ALS?

Duration: 87 mins 
Director: Jesse Vile
Country: USA
Certificate: E
Genre: Documentary