Age of Stupid DVD

Age of Stupid DVD

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The Age Of Stupid is the new documentary-drama-animation hybrid from director Franny Armstrong (McLibel, Drowned Out) and Oscar-winning Producer John Battsek (One Day In September, Live Forever, In the Shadow of the Moon). Oscar-nominated Pete Postlethwaite (In The Name of the Father, Brassed Off, The Usual Suspects) stars as an old man living in the devastated world of 2055. He watches ‘archive’ footage from 2008 and asks: Why didn’t we stop climate change when we had the chance? Runaway climate change has ravaged the planet by 2055. Pete plays the founder of The Global Archive, a storage facility located in the (now melted) Arctic, preserving all of humanity’s achievements in the hope that the planet might one day be habitable again. Or that intelligent life may arrive and make use of all that we’ve achieved. He pulls together clips of “archive” news and documentary from 1950->2008 to build a message showing what went wrong and why.

Special Features:

* 50 minute making of documentary
* Pete P ambushing the UK's Minister for climate change
* Deleted scenes and extended interviews
* Crew commentary
* Launch of the 10:10 campaign and much more

Duration: 89 mins
Director: Franny Armstrong
Country: UK
Certificate: E
Genre: Documentary